Release Notes: July 2022

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July 28, 2022

User Licenses & Certifications: In Settings > User Management, there is a new tab for Licenses & Certifications! Here, you can add and keep track of any licenses and certifications that a user might have. You can see whether it is Active, Inactive, Expiring, or Expired. Click on "+Add License" to create a new license or certification.

Multiple licenses or certifications can be placed in any specific order that you would like.

Also, adding a user's licenses or certifications will append the respective acronyms to the users name and display it all throughout the EMR.

Please note that this new feature needs permission to Add, Edit, View, and/or Delete licenses and certifications. Permissions are found in Settings > Role Management.

Also note that the License Type dropdown can be populated using Master Dropdowns. This is found in Settings.

Pronouns moved to Master Dropdowns: Pronouns have been moved to Master Dropdowns, allowing for a more custom experience. New, custom pronouns can be created, as well as individual pronouns can be turned off in the pronouns dropdown.

Also, the pronouns dropdown now allows for multi-select.

My Tasks fix: It was reported that when a user only Saved instead of using Save & Sign on a session note, the task would change to "Pending Review" instead of "In Progress". This issue has been resolved.

Length of Stay on Treatment Plan Review: It was reported that sometimes the Length of Stay would populate as "N/A" instead of the actual number. This issue has been resolved.

July 11, 2022

Signature PIN Enhancements: We have enhanced the functionality and improved the user experience of the Signature PIN. If you use the Signature PIN, there have been some big upgrades and minor changes. The biggest change is that your PIN number has now changed from 5 digits to 4. Without trying to cause a disturbance in the force, all we did was drop the last digit of your previous PIN. For example, if your PIN was 12345, your new PIN as of today is now just 1234. Some of the many enhancements include automatically dropping the cursor into the Signature PIN textbox and, when applicable, as soon as the last digit is entered, you will automatically be taken to the next screen without ever having to click on a button. If you want to change your Signature PIN, you can always do so by clicking the three vertical dots next to your name to go to your Personal Info settings.

PDF of signed ROI on Step Down: If there is an active ROI at the time of Step Down, Alleva will create a PDF version and store it in the client's chart in Current overview > Documents and in the Document Manager > Uploaded Documents tab.

Occupancy - Female symbol on beds is now pink: To make the female symbol for beds more visible, the color has changed to pink.

Treatment Plan Review Signatures: Some users reported that the signatures for the TPR were not displaying the correct signature when using a PIN. This issue has been resolved.

Diagnosis section on Client Chart: The diagnosis section on the client chart has been updated to correctly display multiple diagnoses without issue.

Alleva Connect Android Update: There is a new update for the mobile app, Alleva Connect, in the Google Play Store. Please make sure your users have the latest version. The update includes various fixes and enhancements for creating/resetting user passwords, loading the client schedule, and ensuring the company logo loads properly.


If you have any questions or would like clarification on the updates above, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We are always happy to help!

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