How to create an Emergency Contact and sign a Release of Information

  • Start by going to the Client's Face to Face or their Dashboard and selecting the plus sign in the "Contacts" box

  • Scroll Down to ROI Contacts and select the orange +Add ROI Contact.

  • The Name, Relationship, Mobile # are required to move forward. You can mark them as an Emergency Contact and/or sign an ROI at this time. If just an Emergency Contact, select Create at the bottom of the screen.

*Signing the Release of Information:

  • The Release of Information will let a Start and End Date be entered and show any details such as Facility and Contact information.

  • Select why the information can be released, how it can be released, and what can be released.

  • Add signatures to the document and then enter your password to Unlock & Save the Release Form.

  • This will sign the Release form and bring you back to the Face to Face where you can view and edit the Emergency/ROI Contact. 

  • When you go back to the Clients Dashboard, you'll be able to see the contact.  An (EC) will appear next to their name if they're an Emergency Contact.  It will also say Active if they have an Active ROI signed.