Keeping track of Medications is an integral part in any EMR. This Article will provide a step by step breakdown on how and where to add Medications to a client chart. 

**If you do not have access to the Medication/RX screen you will need to have your Rehab Admin enable the Medication permission for your role in Role Management.**

Navigate to the Medication Screen

  • You can navigate to the Medication screen by selecting the RX button. 
  • For an active client the RX button can be found at the top of the client chart.

  • For a Prospective client the RX button can be found in the prospective client list.

Add the Medication

  • By using the search bar in the medication screen you can select the Med you would like to add.
  • If the Med you are looking for doesn't show, try searching the Generic form of that medication.
  • If it still isn't listed you can add a custom Med by following Creating a Custom Medication

  • Once you've selected the Med you would like to add it will bring you to a Scheduling/Instructions page. Our most successful customers use our Auto-generate Instructions option (it is automatically enabled but can be turned off if you'd like to create custom instructions)
  • If you'd like to give a medication immediately, there is a Stat/Now button. This will add the medication immediately so it can be given Stat.

Schedule the Medication

  • After you've added the Med, the next step is to add a schedule to the Med. This will be the frequency the Medication is given. This step is optional. If you do not want to add a schedule to the Medication, or if you want to do it later, simply click the Schedule check box, so that the checkbox is unchecked, to leave it unscheduled.