This walkthrough will go over how Medical Providers will login and the additional Navigation that is accessible. If Forgot Password please attempt the Forgot Password to get an email sent to reset this information following the Forgot Password section in this Link: Forgot Password, If still unable to get into the system please Email and they will be happy to assist!



Logging In:


Since Medical Providers have the option have access to Multiple Rehabs login is kept separate and is not associated with any other Rehabs. After they have an Account and have activated through the Email they will login by Navigating to

***Note: This is still considered an Alleva site and only one can be logged in at one time. If any error is received ensure to Log Out of any separate Alleva Accounts.


After inputting login information the Doctor Portal Home Screen will populate and show any Rehab Facilities the account has access to. This Page is for updating account information using My Profile option on the Top Left and Selecting which Rehab the Medical Provider is needing to redirect to.

***Note: If any account information needs to be changed including Password and Security Question the Medical Provider needs to do this Before redirecting to the Rehab and will be able to use this Link and follow the My Profile Navigation: Update Password/Security Question

After Redirecting to the Rehab the Navigation will be the same as other Users and the URL will now show the Facilities EX.