Release Notes - September 30th, 2021

In this week’s release, there are new features and updates to Medications that will greatly improve the user experience. Along with updating Medications, there is a new feature for the Calendar as well as the entire Alleva EMR continues to get incremental updates to continue optimizing performance with every release. 

See “What’s New?” for a breakdown.

What's New?

All-Day Appointments: Users are now able to create an All Day appointment on the Scheduler. This will appear at the top of a day on all three Calendar options. An All-Day appointment can be created by selecting OutreachTransport, or Staff as your appointment type.

Autogenerated Medication Instructions: This feature will introduce a new setting to allow you to control the verbiage in the instructions of a medication. These settings can be found in Settings > Medication Settings > Medication Instructions.

Create Frequency Descriptions: System administrators can now add a frequency description to be used when populating instructions when ordering medications.

Allow for documentation of "Not Taken" without other medications: In Medication Administration, users can select “Not Taken” and be able to proceed to the next screen without any errors.

New default status for medication administration - "Scheduled": In Meds Management, the new default status of medications is now “Scheduled”. You can then update appropriately to “Not Taken”, “Refused”, or “Taken”.

Check and Prompt for Insurance before sending Lab Orders: Users will be notified if they attempt to send a Lab order without insurance information. 

Bulk discontinue medications for a client: In the Client Chart under Medication, you can select one, multiple, or all medications. You can then select the “Discontinue Selected” button to discontinue those meds.

Service Location List Alphabetized: When creating an individual or group session, the Service Location list is sorted alphabetically.

Additional Improvements/Features Currently in Development

  • Ability to edit/delete Levels of Care

  • GAD 7 option within Progress Notes

  • Enhancements to the integration with CollaborateMD

  • CIWA-B


If you have any questions or would like clarification on the updates above, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We are always happy to help! 

Release Notes and additional resources are available at

Have a great day!