Alleva gives you the ability to keep insurance information on file for clients, this Article will provide a walkthrough on adding insurance to a client chart, adding authorizations to an insurance and inputting verification status to an active insurance.

Navigating to the Insurance Field in the Client Chart

  • Select Clients>Client List>Select the client you would like to add insurance information for.
  • The Insurance field can be found in two places, within the Billing Intake, and also in the Client History Field.
  • Both billing sections are linked together so you can add in either section and it will flow to the other.

Adding the Insurance Info

  • Select Add Insurance, under insurance name start typing the insurance name, a dropdown list will open with pre-populated insurances. Select the one that you would like to list. If the insurance provider is not listed, simply type in the full name and click the + to add it to the list.

  • Add the Plan type, like insurance name, plan type will also open a drop down list when you start typing. If the correct plan is not in that list, type the full plan name and select the + to add it to the list.
  • Fill out the rest of the required fields and attach any relevant documents, then click save.

Adding Verification Status

  • After Verifying the Insurance, you are able to add a verified status. To do this click the insurance verification button.

  • This will pop up a screen to sign. Once signed, the verified field will change to a green checkmark.

Adding an Authorization

  • To add an authorization, select the Add Authorization Button, this will bring you to a new page.

  • From the new page, select the orange Add Authorization button.

  • Make sure to add a level of care if it is not already listed then fill out the authorization information and click save.

  • The Authorization has now been added, now from the home screen you can view upcoming Authorizations that are expiring in the Next UR Due field. This field helps keep track of all expiring authorizations, you can filter by date. It will also show past due authorizations.