This Walkthrough will go over what is needed in order to Transfer a Discharged Client to another Facility with a Rehab that also uses the Alleva Software.



Signing BAA:


1. Navigate to Settings > Company Information then scroll to the BAA section and input the name of the Rehab wanting to Transfer and sign a BAA.


Transfer Discharged Client:


1. Navigate to the Discharged Clients Chart and Select the Transfer Client Button. You will then Select the Rehab and Facility that this Chart needs to be transferred to.

**Once Transfer is Selected, the Client Chart will no longer be able to be Re-admitted until the Client is Transferred back.


2. Now you may Navigate to Settings > Client Transfer and Download a Client Transfer Report. The Rehab that is Receiving this Client will also have to Navigate to this section in their site and Select the Accept Button.


3. If you are Receiving a Client and Have Selected the Accept Icon you will then Confirm that this is accurate and this Chart will be set as Active in the Client List. 


4. After Accepting you will see the Client in the Facility and the Admission Date will show the Date the Transfer Occurred and may be changed at this point. Ensure to Complete any Intakes that the Facility Requires on Admission for a New Client.