This Walkthrough will Navigate how to Add a Doctors Order into the system.



Adding Doctors Order:


Navigation Option #1:


1. Navigate to Client > Client List > Select a Client. After Select a Client the Clients Dropdown will Expand and you may Select My Orders to Add a Doctors Order.


Navigation Option #2:


1. Navigate to Doctors Orders then Select Add Order. This way you will have to input the Clients Name when entering information.


Add Order:


1. Input all Required Fields and Select the Order Type. Once all Information has been input Select Add Order. After this Step you will have created the Order unless Medication has been Selected then continue to the Next Step.

Note: If at any time you need to Navigate Away you may Select Back and it will save this Order and will be able to come back and Edit at a Later Time. Only the User that Started the Doctor Order will be able to Edit.


2. If Medication Order Type has been Selected then an additional Step of Adding the Medication will be required to Complete the Order. This is the same process as adding a Medication in the Client Medication Section, if needing information about adding Medication follow this Link to: Adding a Medication and Navigate to the Add Medication Section of the Article.