Release Notes - August 19, 2021

In this release, we have made some incremental updates to the Scheduler, Medications, Master Drop-downs, and more. Along with these updates, we have also released a patch to improve many aspects of the system, including the user experience and our HIPAA compliance.  

See “What’s New?” for a breakdown.

What's New?

Scheduler Show Name: In the Scheduler, client names are now displayed with their calendared events, making it so you can better track who you’re meeting with. 

The settings to turn on or off this new feature are found in Settings > Company Information > Default Scheduler Appearance

You can also turn this on or off in your personal settings found at My Profile > Personal Settings. This setting will override the Company Settings.

Medications in Order on Client MAR by Scheduled Administration Time: Medications are now ordered on the Client MAR by the scheduled administration time.

Master Dropdown Settings for Individual/Progress Notes: More rules are now available for notes so that you can chart more effectively. For Billable Notes, you can select a rule for a 25 Word Minimum requirement. Some of these new settings are a 25 Word Minimum and Individual notes being displayed by having the box be checked or not.

Logout Improvements With Multiple Tabs Open: If you have multiple tabs open of the EMR, we have improved the way that logging out of one tab will log you out of the other tabs. This is an improvement to ensuring confidential data is never left exposed.

Improvement in Sync with Alleva and R2D2: Client demographic information will now update to R2D2 when a change is made.

ID Connecting Patients Between EMR and CRM: We have improved the sync functionality between the EMR and the CRM. This was all backend work that does not affect how either system works. Although, now you can create a Prospect in the EMR and that same Prospect will be pushed to the CRM.

Patient Status Sync: The lifecycle of the Patient will now sync from, and only from, the EMR to the CRM. For example, when a Prospect is converted to a Client in the EMR, that change will be reflected the next time you log into the CRM.

Additional Improvements/Features Currently in Development

  • Scheduler “All Day” Appointments

  • Treatment Plan Reviews to be sent over to the Family Portal

  • Add Full Demographics Section to the Other Intakes


If you have any questions or would like clarification on the updates above, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We are always happy to help! 

Release Notes and additional resources are available at

Have a great day!