E-Prescribe has many powerful features, one of which allows users to create prescriptions and send them to an active E-Prescriber for approval to be sent to the pharmacy. This Article will provide a breakdown of how to request permission to queue prescriptions to an active E-Prescriber. It will also provide instructions for active E-Prescribers on how to approve permission requests.

*To have access to the E-Prescribe Screen, you must be have Med Admin permissions this is added through the User Management settings. If you don't have this permission, please contact your rehab admin to have these permissions added.*

  • Select Clients > Client List > Then choose any client 
  • Select the RX button to go to the Client Medication Screen
  • Select E-Prescribe to be brought to the E-Prescribe Screen
  • If you are approving an existing permission request, once you have selected the E-Prescribe Screen a popup will appear to inform you that you have existing permissions requests. Simply view and approve these requests accordingly.
  • If you are requesting permission to queue prescriptions to an active E-Prescriber, follow the steps below.

Request Permission to send Prescriptions

  • Click on the Current Provider Name at the top of the screen (Example A)
  • Select Request (Example B)
  • Simply Select the E-Prescriber(s) you'd like to request permission from, then select "Add Checked" (Example C)

Frequently Asked Questions About E-Prescribe