This Walkthrough will explain Ordersets & Protocols and show how they can be utilized to ensure correct medication is input into Client Chart while saving Time for Pre-Set Medications for certain Level of Cares.



Medication Settings:


1. To Create a New Orderset or Protocol Navigate to Settings > Medication Settings and then if one has not been created Select the Orderset Tab and Add New. 


2. Input a Template Name and then continue to Add Medications by Typing in the Medication Search Box > Selecting the Medication > Selecting Add Medication. This will then push this Medication to the Medication List and this can be repeated until all Medications wanting to be entered at once are input into this Orderset. When Completed Select Save.

Note: Ordersets are used to Mass Add Medications into a Client Chart as Unscheduled, this is very beneficial if every patient coming into the program is going to need certain Medications or they need to input several Over the Counter Medications for Long term stays.


3. After an Orderset has been created the next step would be to create a Protocol to schedule the Medications for a set length of time. This can be accomplished by Selecting Protocol > Add New.


4. Input the Protocol Name and Duration that this will be Administered > Select Add. After Selecting Add the Schedule will populate allowing for each day to be customized. Select the Plus Icon on each day in order to input the Medication for that day.


5. Once inputting the Medication you can Select Add Days or Time and Customize the Schedule for the Medication. The Medication Does not need to be scheduled for the entire Duration and if days are not needed enter 0 in Dosage field to skip that Administration. After Schedule is Correct, Select Add.


Note: Ensure that the Exact Medication is input into the Protocol as was in the Orderset. Custom Medications will Not work in this Section.


6. After Entire Protocol has been input Select Update to Complete the Protocol. 

Using Ordersets and Protocols:


1. Navigate to Client Chart > Medication > Select the Orderset needed for the Client.


2. Check the Boxes for the Medications adding to the Client Chart and Select Apply. This will Add this medication as Unscheduled Medication. 

3. Once the Medication has been input into the Client Chart as Unscheduled Medications you can Select Current Meds Protocol.


4. Type the Name of the Protocol needed to Add to the Client Chart and Select it from the Dropdown.

Note: If all of the Medications are not in the Clients Chart it will Prompt that the Client Does not have whichever Medication. You can Select Yes if you want to Schedule the Rest of the Medications in the Protocol.


5. One last prompt will show the Schedule and any edits needed can be made at this time, after the Schedule correct then Select Add > Save. 

The Protocol will show in the Clients Chart under Assigned Protocols and the MAR will reflect the Scheduled Medications.