With the Latest Alleva EMR Software Update, you can now integrate your Alleva Scheduler with your personal Outlook Calendar! 


Only the User's appointments in the Alleva EMR will show up on their personal Outlook Calendar. Their Outlook Calendar appointments will not show up in the Alleva EMR.


***Personal emails only. Custom domain/Work emails will not sync correctly*** 


Step 1 - Login to the Alleva EMR. from the Dashboard, click on the three vertical dots next to your Username and select My Profile.


Step 2 - Click on the Personal Settings tab.



Step 3 - Click on the dropdown menu for Calendar Sync, select Outlook and click Sign In. A separate small window will pop up.



Step 4 - Sign in to your personal Outlook Account.

Step 5 - Grant the appropriate permissions to Alleva EMR and click Continue. Now your Alleva Sessions will show up on your Outlook Calendar.


Removing your Calendar

Removing your Alleva Sessions from your personal Outlook Calendar is just as easy. Go to your Personal Settings and click the Trash can Icon to remove the integration.