A common question that comes up is how to edit notes that are tied to the Scheduler Individual or Group sessions.  This is quite simple and can be done by following the steps below!

1. Go to the Scheduler

2. Find the session that contains the notes you want to edit.

3. Click on the session and select, Add/Edit Note

4. Make your Note changes, and any other changes that you'd like to make. Afterwards, you can either click 'Update Only' or 'Save & Sign'. (**Note: The 'Update Only' button will save your changes, but will revert the session back to "In Progress" status.) If you have assigned a reviewer, they will need to review the session, regardless of Pending or Completed status.

4a. If you click Update only, the session will be marked as In Progress and will to post to the Assigned Reviewer's My Tasks to review and complete. 

4b. If you click Save & Sign, the session will be marked as Completed by you, so long as there are no other outstanding reviewers. If there are any assigned reviewers outstanding, they will still have to finish and sign their review for the session to show as complete.

**Pro Tip: If you update the note, and the session is set back to "In Progress" status (light blue color on the scheduler), and no further signature is required for the session to be considered Completed status, you can manually set the status of the session. 

    Click on the session, then select 'Edit Schedule'. Adjust the status dropdown to 'Completed' then click the update button.