E-Prescribe is a powerful tool that is integrated within the Alleva EMR. It is used to send client prescriptions directly to the Pharmacy. This article will provide an introduction on how to utilize E-Prescribe. 

**Not all users have access to E-Prescribe Functionality, if you are looking to add this functionality please have your Rehab Admin reach out to to set it up.**

Navigating to the Client Medication Screen

  • Select Clients > Client List > Then choose the Client you are going to be E-Prescribing to.
  • Select the RX button to go to the Client Medication Screen

Adding a Med to be sent via E-Prescribe

  • Search for and select the Medication in the Alleva EMR.

  • Add the Med details and scheduling, make sure to select E-Prescribe. Then click save.

  • Once the Med has been added select E-Prescribe from the Medications Screen.

  • Select the Meds you'd like to send and then click Represcribe.

  • Input the Quantity, Refill information (Optional) and set the Pharmacy to send to.

  • Once you've input all information, simply click send at the bottom of the page.
  • *If you are a Supporting E-Prescribe User, once you click send you will then need to select "Queue to Provider for approval.*

Patient Pharmacy

After selecting "Set Pharmacy" you'll be redirected to a page that will allow you to search for a Local Pharmacy. Simply search for a specific pharmacy by name, or search by location. This page also allows you to view Frequently used Pharmacies and Patient Preferred Pharmacies.