Release Notes - May 27, 2021

In this update, our focus was improving on heavily used areas of the Alleva EMR. As we have listened to feedback from our expert users, we have added some requested features and updates and will continue to do so on a weekly basis. This week's release has a focus on refining medication searches, adding customization options to the Scheduler, additional filter options for the Client List, and the repairs of some minor bugs. This is a big release that is full of great features that we are happy to announce to our wonderful client base!

What's New?

New Integration with First Databank: We have changed our medications database to use First Databank's Cloud Connector service. In short, this includes a more comprehensive medication list for better meds management.

Additional LOC Options: Some users have requested additional options in the available LOC selections in Company Settings. We now have the following options available:

  • MAT 
  • ASAM 3.7WM – Medically Monitored Withdrawal Management 
  • ASAM 3.2WM – Clinically Managed Withdrawal Management

Rehab Level Scheduler Customization: At the rehab level, you can create settings for how the scheduler is viewed. This includes choosing the first and last hour of the day, first day of the week, choosing a desired Time Scale, and a Default Session Length. See the screenshot below for a visualization of where you can edit your defaults.

User Level Scheduler Customization: This includes all the same features as stated above, but at the User Level. This means that while the rehab can create their own scheduler settings, an individual user can override them with their own settings. 

Sort By Admit Date: In the Client List, you can now sort by Admit Date.



Additional Improvements Currently in Development

  • Integration with 3rd party calendars, such as Google, iCal, and Outlook.

  • Additional Improvements to Medications and Prescribing

Release Notes and additional resources are available at

Have a great day!