Ordersets are a great tool for adding in many medications at once to a chart. An example is if you have a list of Over the Counter medications you commonly allow patients to take.  

  • To create a new orderset, go under the “Settings” then under “Medication Settings” and select the “Orderset” tab.  

  • Under the medication section search for the medication (ex. ibu)

  • Select it and mark it if it is a PRN then select “Add Medication” to add it to the list.

  • Once added (as you can see with the IBU at the bottom), you can click the pencil button to pre-populate some of the information that goes into the chart. This is useful so that you don’t have to fill this information out each time you add this med to the chart. 

Continue to add in all of your medications and hit save at the bottom. When you are ready to add all of the orderset medications to a client chart go to the medications section and select it from the drop down:

Once added you can still customize the list per patient as well.  You can select all of the meds to add to the list or individual check each box of the med you want to add.  You can also change the dosage per patient when applicable by clicking the pencil button next to the med. 

Click “Apply” and these meds will get added to the medication list.  You can then procced to schedule the medication, unless it’s a PRN. Make sure to mark the medication as Received in the top left hand corner of the screen so that it appears on the medication list.