Go under the “Settings” tab and select “Medication Settings”, then select the Taper/Titration tab.

  • Notice the check boxes and select if it is a PRN template - and if it is a taper or titration.

  • On the right hand side of the screen you can add additional days and times to the taper/titration.

  • Once you have the number of days added and the number of times per day the medication is administered, type in each dose in the dosage box.

  • Make sure you have adjusted the medication times that are appropriate for your facility.

  • In this template you are just adding the dose per administration, you will select the medication when you are adding this to a chart. 

Complete the taper and hit save once you have all of the dosages correct. To add it to the patient chart go to the medication tab and add the medication to the chart, when you get to scheduling you have the option to check the box for titration or taper:

Once added you can still make adjustments if necessary: