You can add medications before the client is converted by going to the blue bubble labeled “RX”. 


You can add them directly from the client chart. . Under the client tab, you have a section called “Medications” that will take you to entering meds. 

Once in the medications section, either for a prospective client or an active client, the process is the same.  

  • Search the medication in the text box and select the strength of the medication

Once you selected the strength fill out the appropriate medication information.  Make sure to select the appropriate checkboxes:

  • PRN - This is a PRN Medication

  • Home Med- This is a medication the patient is bringing to the facility from a different prescriber

  • Prescribe - We are prescribing this medication for the patient

  • E-prescribe - We are e-prescribing this medication for the patient (E-prescribe is an additional cost per provider) 

Once you select save in the bottom right hand corner of the screen you will automatically be directed to scheduling the medication if you administer medications at your facility.  If you DO NOT administer medications, hit cancel to go back to the medications section.  If you do administer select the schedule this med is administered.

  • Make sure to enter in at minimum the maximum dosage of this medication 

  • The frequency and the times associated with your medication passes can be edited in the “Medication Settings”, under the “Settings” tab. 

Once you hit save you will see all of the medications you have entered into the list.



If you prescribe the medication and you are administering it you will need to mark the medication as received prior to administering. Select “Received Medication List” and the top right hand corner of the screen. Add the medication count and mark it as received:


You are now ready to administer the medication from the medication management section.  Select “Give Now” to administer!