This article will help you to design your own custom application for your prospective clients to fill out prior to entering treatment.

The first step in allowing your patients to fill out an application for treatment is creating your custom application.

Go into your Settings then select Forms 2.0. You will want to Add Custom Form in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Make sure that when you build the form you select that it is s Family Portal Form. Once you have saved the changes at the bottom make sure to Publish the form. 


Once you have your application built you will want to organize it in your Family Portal settings. 

Go into the Family Portal under Settings and select to Add Form under the Upon Application. The forms will appear below and you can drag and drop them to organize the order they appear to your patients (if you have more than one).

You will also notice that you have the ability to set up and customize forms to be sent upon acceptance into your program and upon discharge.  These forms will automatically trigger when a client. is approved/admitted  or discharged.