This Walkthrough will go through how to Update/Reset Password and Security Questions including steps if User Forgot Password.

Update Using My Profile:

1. Select the Three-dot Menu on Top Left near Profile.

2. Select My Profile.

3. Scroll down and Select Security Question and Type in Security Answer.

4. Scroll down and Check to Change Password.

5. Type in New Password in both Fields.

Note: Password Must Contain Lowercase, Capital(Uppercase), Number, Special Character, and 8 Character Minimum.

Note: Signature Pin will be Required when Saving.

6. Ensure to Select Save.

Forgot Password:

1. Select Forgot Password.

Option#1 Send Link(Only Username Required):

1. Input Username and Select Send Link.

2. Go to Email and Select Link to Reset Password.

3. Type in New Password and Select Reset Password.

Option#2 Reset Password(Username and Security Question Required):

1. Input Username and Security Question.

2. Type in New Password and Select Submit.Admin Reset:

1. The Admin may also view this Link: Reset Password or Security Question for User, in order to get the Password or Security Question changed.