This Solution will walk through the steps of resolving the issue where Username information is Autofilled into a Search.

Ensure Chrome is Up to Date:

1. In the URL search "Update Chrome" Select the Update Chrome Button.

2. Ensure Chrome is Up to Date or Select the Update Button.

Remove Autofill Data:


1. Navigate to Search getting Autofilled and Click into the Search.

2. Hover Mouse over Autofill Data and Hold Ctrl + Shift + Del.

Note: This is the the Shortcut on Deleting the Username


1. Navigate to Settings for Chrome by Selecting the Three-Dot Menu and Select Settings.

2. Navigate to Passwords under the Autofill Section.

3. Locate the the Saved Passwords for Allevasoft.

4. Click the Three-Dot Menu and Select Remove.

Fix Future Issues:

1. Log Out of Allevasoft and then Log In again.

2. When Prompted to Save Password Select Never.

Note: This will fix the issue and not Autofill Username information.