Alleva Release Notes – January 7, 2021

Below is a list of items that were released at 1:30 am PT, and items released on 1/7/2021.

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Recurring Video Call Appointments

What’s New: You can now schedule recurring Individual or Group appointments on the calendar with Zoom video calls enabled! This is done the same way you would do a regular Zoom session, however, you can now click recurring and set up appointments to be ongoing.

Referrals Across All Facility Locations

What’s New: Referral Company and Referral Contact information was previously attached to a single facility at your company. Aside from redundant data entry, this also posed a problem when stepping clients up or down across facilities and retaining their correct referral contact. Now, referrals and referrals contacts available at one location are available at all locations. Admissions teams will have less data entry, and referral information will stay with the client when transferring facility locations!    

‘Mx’ Title Option

What’s New: As we serve a growing and diverse population we believe it’s important to respect the identity preferences of the individual. Along with traditional titles like ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’, we now have the title option of ‘Mx’. 

Med Logged Time

What’s New: To stay in compliance with various states, we have now added the ability to track the time a medication was logged in Medication Management. Prior to this enhancement, the MAR would only show the Administered Time as defined by the user. Now you can show the Administered Time, as well as the exact time the administration was logged into the system. 

  • Note - this is an optional function and is not on by default for clients. To set this up, please do the following:Go to settings>medication settings> turn on Show Actual Time Logged. Once saved, this will now show the Logged time on the MAR. You will see in the example below that the medication was input as being administered at 3:54 pm, but was logged at 4:58 pm.

Show Units in Meds Administration

What’s New: We had the request from several companies to include the units directly in the Administration Dosage section of Medication Management. You now can see very clearly what the dosage unit is when giving medication.

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