Document Manager Video Walkthrough


Document Manager is used to host client specific documents and forms. This article will provide an overview of the functionality for each section located in Document Manager. 

To access the Document Manager: from the list of tabs, select Clients > Document Manager.

**Please note, if you do not see Document Manager or some of the sections in this article, you will need a Rehab Admin to add permissions to your User login.**

Custom Forms

This section allows Alleva Users to search for, add, fill out, and sign client specific forms. It also saves those forms for future reference.

Custom Forms Features

**If the form you are looking for is not in our system yet, it will need to be added manually through Forms Manager 2.0. Please reference Using Forms Manager 2.0 if you are unfamiliar with the process of adding new forms.**

Incomplete Forms

Once you've added the Form, to fill it out select the Pencil Icon, this will open the form and enable you to fill it out. After it's been filled out, use Office Signature and Client Signature to complete the form. The Trash Can Icon also allows you to delete a form if it was added in error.

Completed Forms

After you've completed the Client Signature, the form will show up as Completed. At this point there are a few other functions to be aware of. You can cancel a form, add a Parent/Guardian Signature, edit the Form, and View the completed form.

Canceled Forms

Custom forms also allows you to cancel completed forms for any reason. If a form is cancelled the system will prompt you for a Description for the reason why the form is Canceled.

Uploaded Document

  • This section allows you to search by Document name, Document type and upload/store client documents that are not native to Alleva

Portal Documents

  • The Portal Documents Tab is where all forms filled out in the Clients Family Portal are stored. To open the Form, simply select the Open button.