Alleva Release Notes – May 14, 2020

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

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Psych Eval Tab - We have added a dedicated tab in the medical intake just for Psychiatric Evaluations. This tab functions the same as the History & Physical tab, and the Nursing/Staff Assessment tab, where you can customize the order and add or remove custom sections of the document. It also includes the ‘snapshot’ feature so that each time the document is signed it will create a PDF snapshot to version control and track changes of the document.

Schedule Discharged Clients - You now have a more streamlined process to schedule discharged clients for occasional appointments. 

  1. Individual Sessions - You will now see a new option to choose between Active and Discharged clients when adding a session. The system defaults to Active. Select the Discharged radio button and you will be able to search discharged clients. The functionality is the same as it was for Active clients previously.

  2. Group Sessions - You will also be able to add discharged clients to group sessions. Again, the functionality will remain the same. In addition to the normal client dropdown options, you will now have a Discharged Client option. Select this and all your discharged clients will populate below. Select the clients you want to assign to the session. 

 Emails will be sent to all discharged clients just as they are to active clients. 

Level of Care Improvements - The LOC section of the Chart overview has been enhanced

  1. The code logic for the Level of Care history section in the chart overview has been refined to reduce errors and overlaps in dates and LOCs displayed.

  2. Levels of care added through authorizations will remain independent to just the authorization and UR dashboard sections.

  3. Editing ability has been added so that if a date is still incorrect you can adjust it for chart accuracy.

ROI Updates - We’ve made several improvements to the ROIs in the system:

  1. Now when using your PIN to sign an ROI, it will automatically move to the next space. It also will no longer require your password to complete (as long as the PIN was used).

  2. The printed version of the ROI now has patient identifiers on it as well as a few minor printing enhancements.

  3. We’ve reformatted the MM/DD/YYYY into the proper US format.

Treatment Plan Autosave - We have changed the way that Autosave works in the treatment planning section. Prior to this change there was a 3-second delay between your last keystroke and the system saving. This caused some pain, as people would be closed out of their Goals, objectives and/or interventions with each save. We have increased that delay to 10 seconds. Additionally, we will leave the text box open for you to type into, even after the save is complete. 

One thing to note - If you are creating a custom text for the first time, you will need to click in the box again, as we need to save it once to create an ID in the database before proceeding. All default options and subsequent notes will not require you to click in the box a second time. 

Portal Enhancements - Two new improvements were made to the Alleva Portal:

As a facility you now have the ability to send mass messaging to people in the portal. This is done by going to Settings>Family Portal>Portal Announcements. From here you can click on the eyeball and create an announcement to be broadcasted to portal users. Click + Create Announcement and you will then be able to choose who you would like the announcement to go to. The options are Family Member, Client, or Consultant. Based on who you select, only those users will get your broadcasted message

(2) Mobile Improvements - The portal has now been optimized for mobile users. 


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