Alleva Release Notes – June 1, 2020

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

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Treatment Plan Templates - We have changed the way that Office Templates work in the treatment plan space. Now, rather than attaching a template to a specific diagnosis, you can use any template with multiple diagnoses, regardless of whether they were tied to the original template or not. This applies to creating templates directly from the Office Templates section of settings, and to directly from Treatment Planning on the client chart.

Medication Updates - Two new patches were released with regards to Medications. 

  1. Validation on min/max - We’ve added validation to ensure that Min/Max are not exceeded. If no min/max have been input, the system will not do validation.

  2. Medication count report  - This report was not converting to the timezone of facilities. We’ve added that time conversion.


Occupancy Patch - Some clients had been experiencing an issue when trying to remove clients from a bed in Occupancy. We have patched that so when a client is removed from a bed, they are removed completely and the bed becomes available.

DC Plan Patch - The requirement to fill out Reason for Admission and the SNAG/SNAP have been removed from the Discharge Planning section. This has been done for both the client chart and step up/step down sections. 


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