Alleva Release Notes – June 18, 2020

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

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Rounds Master Dropdowns - We have now migrated the Round Location options to be a master dropdown. With this change you can define all the different options you want in the Master Dropdowns section. This will then allow you to choose from a dropdown list when doing rounds.

Character Count Admission Screening - Two sections received character count increases in the Admission Screening:

  1. What led you to seeking treatment at this time?

  2. What was the response to previous treatment? How long did you stay sober after discharge?


Occupancy Update - We made a patch in the Occupancy section. When a prospect is on the reserved bed list they are now removed from reservation upon converting the  prospect to client. 

New Level of Care Options - The following options are now available as a Level of Care:

  1. Transitional Care

  2. Therapy

  3. School-Based Therapy

  4. Graduated

  5. Case Management

  6. EOP

  7. V-IOP

  8. V-OP

Show Multiple Problems for Tx Plan - Three sections were updated to show multiple Tx plan diagnoses when using a office treatment plan:

  1. Treatment Plan -> Generate TP secion

  2. Individual Session

  3. Treatment Plan Review

This now ensures that all selected problems will show when using an Office Template.

Behavioral / Emotional Status Change - A misspelling was corrected. Now it reads as Personality Changes. 


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