Alleva Release Notes – July 6, 2020

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

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UR Dashboard Updates - A few different improvements have been made to the UR dashboard. 

  1. The Ready to Bill widget has been updated to better adjust to your screen size. Prior to the update some users did not have their check marks lining up correctly. Also, to edit a day, click on the red x or green checkmark to adjust that specific day.

  2. Authorizations Expiring - The logic has been updated for this widget.

    1. By default it sorts by client last name. You can click on the header to reverse the order

    2. You can also click on Covering Days to order by authorization end date. 

    3. The ability to Mark Completed is now available on the Authorizations Expiring section. This allows you to remove authorizations from the list that are no longer applicable. This same action also applies on the Next UR Due Home Screen Dashboard widget.

Received Medications Modification - The received medications function has now become an on/off option. What this allows you to do is no longer require staff to receive medications prior to giving them. To turn this off for your facility go to Settings>Medication Settings>Edit>Received Meds. By unchecking this box you will bypass the need to Receive Meds each time a medication is added. 

Notice that once unchecked, you no longer see the option to receive medications.


Medication Search - We’ve combined the search for standard medications and any Custom Medications into one search field. Now you will no longer need to search for custom medications to add in a different search box. 

Medication Note - The note from Medication Scheduling is now available when first adding a medication.

Census Report - The Census Report has been updated to better reflect a facilities census. 

  1. The Average Days has been switched from a percentage to digits

  2. The Roster shows all clients who were active at any point during the date range selected


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