Alleva Release Notes – July 14, 2020

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

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UR Dashboard Updates Cont’d - An additional improvement has been made to the UR dashboard. 

  1. The Programming Detail widget has been updated to match the New stylings of the Ready to Bill and Authorization Expiring sections. The default date range will be the same as the Ready to Bill. To improve speed and streamline data, clients displayed will only be those who have authorizations entered. The days are also now color coded to indicate if the client has been marked as Attended or not for sufficient amount of hours to meet the Authorized hours for that day.

Skip Vitals on Meds Administration - We’ve given the option to eliminate an additional step in meds administration. Previously, to give client medication it would take you to a Vitals screen where you had the option of entering or skipping onward to meds administration. Now, we have this as an On/Off function, where you can automatically skip the Vitals screen and go directly to the giving meds. The On/Off toggle is found in Settings-->Medication Settings


Users Last Name Increase - The field for Users’ last name is now increased to 75 characters so that all credentials and titles can be added following a User’s last name.


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