Alleva Release Notes – July 23, 2020

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

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Discharge Planning Updates

What’s New: Streamlined discharge planning. 

  • Discharge Plan displays in editable mode when you land on the screen.

  • The Discharge Plan is now editable after the client is discharged

  • Clients will now be allowed to be discharged with outstanding Pending Review signatures for the Discharge Plan

  • Syncs “Reason for Discharge” between Plan and Summary, which prevents you from having to do redundant work.

  • Allows you to backdate the Anticipated Discharge Date

Date Confirmation to DC Med Prompt

What’s New: When you manually discontinue a medication, you can specify the discontinue date. It will default to the current date, but you can select a past date, up to as far back as the medication start date. 

Add Insurance Company On-The-Fly

What’s New: You can add a new insurance provider without having to leave the client chart.

  • In the past, if you wanted to add an insurance that was not already in your database, you would have to leave the client chart and go to Master Dropdowns. Now: You’ll see a “+” next to “Insurance Name,” and when this button is pressed the new provider will be added to the Insurance Company Master Dropdown Library for future use.

Stat/Now Medication Update

What’s new: You can now give a one-time dosage without having to jump through so many hoops. 

  • You can give a 1x dose without needing to fill out so many scheduling fields. This prevents you from having to do cumbersome work so you can spend less time with Alleva and more time with your patients. 

Billing Report

What’s New: You can now view a report that ties your dates of service and authorizations together.

  • You can search within a specific date range, and choose whether you want to see your date in minutes or in hours.

  • Sorts your information by client name, admission and discharge date, and level of care, making it easier to determine total billable time.

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