Alleva Release Notes – August 6, 2020

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

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Automatically Assign Reviewers

What’s New: Allows the system to automatically assign selected-reviewers, making it easier for you to stay in compliance. 

  • Under Settings → User Management → User Profile, you’ll see an On/Off toggle that allows you to auto assign a reviewer. 

  • If “On,” this toggle provides a dropdown Multi-Select of reviewers who can be assigned, and you’ll see checkboxes allowing you to select individual/group notes, COWS/CIWA scores, intake forms, and more. This update also allows you to assign multiple automatic reviewers. 

Updated Medications Page

What’s New: You can now add and schedule medications from the same page. No more jumping between 2 pages to complete the entry of 1 medication. Fields have also been consolidated to eliminate any redundant entry.


SuperBill Report

What’s New: You’ll now see all necessary billing information consolidated in one report, streamlining the billing process. 

  • You can select a start and end date for the SuperBill report, and will be able to see dates of service, provider name, billing code, cost rate, and more all in one place. 

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