Alleva Release Notes – September 1, 2020

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

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Facility Time Zones

What’s New: You now have the ability to set up a timezone for each individual location under your rehab umbrella. This will allow for companies with locations across multiple time zones to better manage alerts, calendared sessions and more.

  • Settings → Company Information → Rehab Facilities → Edit (pencil icon) From here you have the ability to change the Time Zone dropdown. By default it will be the same time zone as your main facility. 

New Alert for Clients

What’s New: You now have the ability to set up additional alerts for calendared sessions. These alerts can be emailed or sent via SMS to your clients. To set this up, do the following: Settings → Company Information → Rehab Settings → Edit → Appointment Alerts

  • You can define whether you want alerts for video and/or non video appointments

  • You can define whether you want alerts to go out via SMS and/or Email

  • You can define up to three alerts prior to the session starting

Note - Be careful of setting up too many reminders as it can create white noise for your clients.


New Alert for Late Notes

What’s New: We’ve added the ability to get an alert for when notes from the calendar are late. This alert can be set up via SMS or Email and will go out based on what is set up in Alerts Frequency. To turn on this alert, go to Alerts Permissions and select the checkbox for the alerts.

Discharge Plan Updates

What’s New: There are two new updates to the Discharge Plan:

  1. A new setting has been created so events cannot be added to the calendar until a Discharge Plan is created. When this setting is enabled, require a discharge plan to be completed before allowing appointment creation for a client (or however this currently works). Note - this is managed via Settings → Company Information → Rehab Settings → Scheduling. Here you will see the new option for Discharge Plan. 

  2. Now every time the discharge plan is updated, any reviewer assigned at that time will notify and populate the review screen, even if they have previously reviewed the discharge plan. The plan will only show the most recent signature for the most recent version of the plan.

Master Treatment Plan Medication

What’s New: The Medications list on the Master Treatment Plan now only shows the active medications list that were at the time Master Treatment Plan at the time the plan was created. It has become a snapshot in time. Prior to the change the list was dynamically pulling the most recent medications.

Code Status Client Chart

What’s New: You’ll now see a new dropdown on the client chart called Code Status. 

  • You can select what the client code status is. This will populate on the facesheet and into the Client Detail Report. 

  • Code Status is also a master dropdown. You have the ability to add as many options as you would like by going to Settings → Master Dropdowns → Code Status.

Document Manager Click Away

What’s New: We’ve removed the ability to accidentally close the document manager modal by clicking outside of the modal area. You can now close the modal only by clicking on the “x” or save buttons.

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