Alleva Release Notes – September 1, 2020

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

Please Clear Your Browser Cache

Instructions can be found here:

Release Notes and additional resources are available at

Doctors Orders - We have updated the workflow on doing doctors orders. Please go to the following link to watch how.

To find Doctors Orders, click on the option on the left menu. Only users with access to Medications will have access to orders.

Click + Add Order on the top right and it will pull up the below view.

Once this information is filled out, click Add Order. You will now be able to fill out all the medication information you need to add an order.

As you scroll down on the bottom right you’ll see Sign Order. This will put the order into the system and alert the medical provider of an order to sign. If the medical provider has created the order, then it will be complete.


*One item of note from the video - orders through this new process are just for medications at this time. You will still use the Lab Orders tab to send labs out (if you are integrated with a lab).

**For questions, clarification, or further training, please contact Release Notes and additional resources are available at