Alleva Release Notes – October 15, 2020

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

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Step Up / Down Options

What’s New: You now have the ability to pass forms from the document manager from one facility to another when doing a Step Up / Down. On Step 3 of the process you’ll see several new checkboxes. You can decide which forms you want sent. 

Portal Communications

What’s New: You now can see who a communication was sent to in the portal. Prior to this update, if a client had multiple portal members you could not tell which member a communication was sent to.

Gender Identity

What’s New: We’ve added a new field to allow for gender identity. This can be edited from the Update Info button on the client chart. It’s a free text field and flows onto the clients faceshet. It also pulls into the demographics section of the Client Detail Report .

Opening up Discharge Options

What’s New: 

  1. We now allow you to edit any intake of a client after that client has been discharged. Role permissions are still in place, so only people with the ability to unlock intakes can do so. But once unlocked you do have the ability to update them. 

  2. You now are able to edit and delete documents out of the document manager of a client chart after the client has been discharged.

Medical Intake Snapshot

What’s New: We’ve added the same snapshot functionality from the BPS to the Medical Intake. This allows you to capture a moment in time with the intake. Upon signature, the system will create a PDF of whichever aspect of the Medical Intake (H&P, Nursing/Staff , Psychiatric) you signed. If you make updates to the Intake and sign it again, it will capture a new PDF. This allows you to adjust your intakes, and still keep an accurate record of their history.

Note - This only applies to intakes that have yet to be completed. If you would like us to run snapshots for your company before you adjust the flow of the intake, please contact support.

Advance Notice of Password Expiring

What’s New: When we have the password expire option active, users had no advance notice that they would need to change their password. We now put up a banner 5 days prior to the password expiration date. This let’s users know that they need to change their password. Once the password is changed, it resets the counter based on the days authorized under one password in Settings>Company Information>Password Reset Duration.

Note - You can change your password from your user profile, or from the login screen>forgot password.

CRM Updates:

What’s New: 

  1. CRM - EMR sync of Insurance information. Now when you create insurance information in the CRM that information will transfer into the Billing Intake in the EMR. If you run your VOB out of the CRM and verify it. That will also pass over to the EMR.

  2. Referral Report - We’ve added a new report to the CRM. It allows you to track where referrals are coming from and which facility you sent them to in the EMR.

  3. Password Reset - Admins can now reset the password of any user. To do this, click on settings>Users>Reset Password.

  4. Referral Breakout - Now when you go to a Referral Company or contact, you can see the status of all the referrals they’ve given you (Prospect, Client, Alumni). This gives you more information as you work with those referral companies and contacts. 

**For questions, clarification, or further training, please contact Release Notes and additional resources are available at