Alleva Release Notes – March 26, 2020

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

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Hello from Quarantine and a note on Telehealth:

I’m sure you have all been inundated with emails on Covid-19. At this time we hope that you, your families, and all who work with you are doing well. These are definitely tough times, but we can work through them together. 

When Alleva was first conceptualized, we added telehealth as a core function of the product. At the time only 2-5 percent of work in our space was done via telehealth. With the recent crisis, many of you have been scrambling to continue to provide services. The number of telehealth appointments have skyrocketed. We hope you are able to leverage the capabilities of telehealth during this time.

As a note, nearly all of our focus has been put into better streamlining the telehealth experience. Many changes being made will not be in these release notes as they don’t change how you leverage the system, but rest assured we are delivering massive amounts of work to better support you and your clients. 

Emails reminders for Video Call sessions - All Attendees assigned on a video call session (client, staff, and any ROI/Family members selected) will now get an email reminder when the session is created or updated. This applies to Individual and Group sessions. The email will contain links for logging into that video session. Attendees can join the meeting from a computer or laptop with the links provided in the email.

Alleva Payments UploadWe have added a new file export for those using the Alleva Payments system. If you would like this to be turned on, please contact support. It must come from Rehab Admins before we are able to turn it on.


Family PortalWe’ve added a few new features to the family portal:

(1) Demographics now appear at the top of the application

(2) All responses are recorded in red so as to easily distinguish between questions and answers

(3) The ability to save the application and come back later

These new features will better allow both prospects and staff to better manage the intake process. 

Generate Treatment PlanWhen creating a treatment plan you have a Generate Treatment Plan button. Prior to the release, when clicked, it appeared to not do anything (although we were, in fact, generating the plan). Now when it is clicked, it will pop up down to the new data for you to complete. 

**For questions, clarification, or further training, please contact