Thin line:<hr size=“4” noshade>

Break and/or Spacing - <br>

Big line: <hr style=“height:1px;border:none;color:#333;background-color:#333;” />

Heading: <h3>Heading 3</h3> (or h1, h2, h4, etc… for bigger or smaller sizes)

Line: <hh break: <br>

Bold: <b></b>

Italic: <i></i>

Underline: <u></u>

Center: <center></center>

Add Spaces (like space bar): &nbsp;

Color font: <p style="color:red">

Insert a hyperlink in your HTML: <a href="insert link address here" style="color: #0000EE" 

target="_blank">Link displayed as text</a>

Indent: <p style=“text-indent: 40px”>This text is indented.</p>

    OR <p style="margin-left: 40px">This paragraph is indented.</p>

    OR <p style="padding-right: 5px;">My Text Here</p>

Align all text Right: <p style="text-align:right"></p>

Float some text right align:  <span style="float:right;"></span>

If you need column text to squeeze into a smaller space <p style="max-width:200px;">

    Or if you need the text to push out the autosize of a column <p style="min-width:200px;">