In Alleva you have many valuable reporting/auditing tools to help you with your notes either as a supervisor auditing your staff or as a staff auditing yourself! Below are some of the FAQ’s we get the most: 

  • I want to audit my entire facility or a specific client/staff and I am going to be auditing a lot today:

    • Check out the Review Screen.  You have specific filters you can adjust to see a specific staff, client, type of note, ect… This is the best feature to quickly and efficiently audit many different aspects of your program. 

  • I just want a quick overview of our facility and if our notes for the week are done.

    • Check out the calendar.  There is a nice color coding that quickly allows you to see what notes are signed and completed, and what notes may still be in progress. Hover your mouse over the appointment to see the details, such as the facilitator/participants, ect.. 

  • Don’t forget, you have a filter on your calendar in case you just want to see your own schedule, just the group schedule, ect..

  • I just signed a note and now I can’t find it anywhere.  

    • Consider what work flow you took, if you were in the calendar and created an appointment for the session the note should display in the calendar for you. If you did a progress note through the Alleva shortcuts icon, was the box labeled billable checked? 

  • If it was checked, then that note is automatically placed in the calendar for you to go back and edit if you need to.  If the box was NOT checked, you can go into the patient chart under the Notes section and find it there. Use your Search Criteria to quickly narrow it down to the note you need. 

  • I want to audit my clients attendance and see how regularly they attend programming.

    • Check out your Reports section of Alleva, specifically check out the All appointment report and/or the Client Programming report.  Both have options you can choose from to get what your are specifically looking for. 

As always, please feel free to call/email us with any specific questions!