You will notice when you get into Company Information under the Settings tab that you have a box for “Facility Settings”.  These facility settings are a great way to customize Alleva so that it works great for your specific facility needs. Here is a quick breakdown of what each of these settings do: 

Facility Settings

  • Staff Double Booking Allowed

    • This allows you to double book staff in your calendar.  When it is turned off, (red X) if you try and double book your staff the system will give you an error message. 

  • Billing Code Allowed

    • When turned on (green check mark) this feature allows you to add a billing code from the drop down menu to your notes to make billing more efficient for your billing company.  We will need to build out your billing codes in the Master Drop Downs to ensure we are using the appropriate codes.


  • Meds Not Taken, Meds Taken, Meds Refused, Controlled Meds

    • You have the ability to customize when you require your patient to sign for meds.  Red X means patient will not be required to sign. Green check box means they will be required to sign. 

  • Blind Meds Count

    • When turned on (green check box) you are allowed to do a blind meds count and record.  When turned off the system will track when the medications don't match their current count and will alert and admin when the count is off. 


  • Treatment plan, Biopyschosocial, Nursing Assessment

    • As a facility you have the ability to determine if you want these items to be completed prior to allowing users to assign the client to group or individual therapy.  By turning these on, you will be required to sign/complete the treatment plan, for example, prior to scheduling the client for therapy otherwise when you go to schedule the appointment you will get an error message saying you must complete the treatment plan first. You can turn these off to allow your staff to schedule individual/group therapy prior to these being signed/completed. 

Treatment Plan:

  • Initial to Master

    • By turning this feature on, you can maximize your clinicians efforts in creating treatment plans! When an initial treatment plan is created, a master treatment plan will be auto generated as “In progress” and all of the initial treatment plan information will populate into the master.  This allows for the clinician to utilize the work they did on the initial and build upon it for the master treatment plan.

    • If you turn this feature off the initial and the master treatment plan will be entirely separate documents. 

Client Signature:

  • Some states require informed consent above the client signature every time the client signs anything .  By turning this feature on we will display the following above each signature: “I, the client, or authorized representative of the client, have been explained in a reasonable and comprehensive manner, the proposed services to be delivered, alternative services that might be advantageous, and risks and benefits of proposed treatment. By signing this document, I acknowledge informed choice in this proposed treatment, and agree to participation in this plan.”

External ID:

  • Some facilities have specific client ID numbers not associated with the medical record number.  By turning this feature on, we give you an additional box to put your facilities ID number for the patient.  This will display with their demographics and as a unique identifier on the bottom of every page when you print documents: