A few things to get you started with the Zoom video conferencing available through Alleva:

1) First, Make sure that appropriate staff have the setting turned on in Settings-->User Management then edit the user profile (For medical providers we must activate the setting, so let us know and we can make those adjustments)image.pngimage.png

2A ) Users with the video conference setting, and access to the intake section, can immediately start a single video call through the Admission Screening, Face to Face, and BPS by clicking the camera icon in the upper right corner. They can then invite other guests to the call from within the Zoom video platform. Great for quick impromptu video calls.image.png
2B ) Individual sessions can be set up with video conferencing on the calendar in advance, which will also pull a link through to the client app, and you can invite any person from the ROI Contacts section (be sure the ROI has correct email address). Medical providers can set up a session or access the video call icon from step 1 in the same way.image.png
After it's created, launch the call by clicking on the session in the calendar and select Start Call image.png

Play around with it a little and then let me know questions you might have. And I am always available to help you navigate through a phone call or screen share!