Alleva Release Notes – September 10, 2019

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

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Communication Log - The basic Client Note has evolved into the ‘Comm Log.’ You can still communicate between staff, clinical and/or operations by tagging using the ‘@’ symbol, but no longer do you need to tag a client. You can select whether the note still pertains to a Client, etc, or None, and use this as a true internal communication tool. Great for communicating the remaining shift duties that need completion for oncoming staff, the gas tank is low in the company vehicle or you need to spread the word on client interactions. Staff can add comments to your Comm Log note and vice versa! Notes that you write will display on your Home screen for better tracking. This updated feature will be ideal for your day-to-day communication!

External ID - You can now add a unique ID to the demographics of a client. This is a great way to add an ID from another agency such as Medicare, Medicaid, or County programs. The ID will display with the client demographics as well as the footer of printed pages (just like the Client Name, DOB, and MRN) This feature can be turned on or off in your company settings under ‘Company Information’

Client Detail Report - The client detail report has been completely rebuilt and is extremely fast! You can now quickly create, in whole or in part, a client chart for print or PDF through any specified date range. The report options allow you to select which sections of the chart you want to include in the report. This new detail report can be found on the left side blue menu in ‘Reports (Beta)’

Reset Password Update - Forgot your password? We now have an alternative way to reset it! You are no longer required to send an email link to reset. Now you can simply reset directly from your web browser by correctly answering your secondary security question. You also still have the option of sending a reset link to your email. Whichever you prefer.

Password Strength - We have updated the password strength indicators for clarity and consistency. Passwords are required to be: 1 Uppercase, 1 Lowercase, 1 Number, 1 Symbol, 8 Characters Long. The system will indicate when each requirement is met

Insurance Subscriber Phone Number - Subscriber Phone has been added within the Insurance section of the Face to Face as well as a Notes section for any further detail you’d like to provide!

Lab Randomization Option - You can now add “Random” as a frequency option in your lab orders instead of generating a requisition every single day for the chance you might use it. Add a panel to the client’s lab orders as normal, and then select ‘Random’ in frequency. The system will periodically generate the order for you.

Transportation Appointment Update -  Transportation appointments can now be defined with a specific end-time, and can also be set as an “All Day Event” to accurately track your client’s off-site appointments.

Minor Improvements:

  • COWS and CIWA page sort order has been adjusted to show most recent first

  • When creating calendar session,  the scheduling  pop-out window will not close if you accidentally click outside the box

  • The UR Dashboard has been speed optimized using Dapper framework

  • Some field requirements have been removed for faster data entry

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