Alleva Release Notes – July 16, 2019

Below is a list of items that were released this morning at 1:30 am PT.

Please Clear Your Browser Cache

Instructions can be found here: 

Face to Face Re-Write- We’ve totally redone the Face to Face section of the intake process. There had been a number of cases where people were unable to scroll after going back to this section. With the rewrite, we expect to completely remove this issue. Please contact support if you are unable to scroll in this section.

New Lab integrations - Alleva can now electronically submit labs to the following new integrations partners:



If you would like to have a lab integrated to Alleva, please contact us as

Allergy Column on Dashboard-  You can now see allergies of a client on the dashboard, once the client widget has been expanded.

Performance Updates - We are continuing to work on our performance improvements. The latest sections to receive a performance lift are the Scheduler, Occupancy, Notes Review, Client Notes Grid, and Creating a Lead. The next body of work will focus on the Client Chart. 

**For questions, clarification, or further training, please contact