This search function will allow you to quickly navigate to past or present clients charts. 

1. When you click the magnifying glass at the top of Alleva, you'll be able to type in a clients name for a quick search function. Type in all or part of EITHER the client first name OR last name, but NOT BOTH. 

After entering some of the name, press enter.

**Note: The search function is per-facility. You must be in the same facility location as the client chart to find them using the tool. 

2. This next section will show you the clients, leads, referrals or users who match the search criteria. The List is sorted with oldest charts at the top and newr charts on the bottom. Use the admission dates, discharge dates, and MRN to help identify the correct chart. Click on the client name to be taken to that chart.

Search function Widget use will be shown below.

1. Within the Home section you will see the search Widget on the right. Using the same magnifying glass as before to search for a client on the list.

2. Here, you can also filter your search as well. Using the champagne-like icon highlighted below.