Alleva Release Notes – February 20, 2019

We are always improving Alleva. As such, we would like to share the following list of items which were released on February 20, 2019 at 1:30 AM PDT.


Please note! The system was down for 60 minutes at that time. 


Parent/Guardian Signatures  - You can now have Parent/Guardian Signatures available at your facilities. Navigate to the Settings-->Company Information (scroll all the way to the bottom). Here you can select which facilities within your company will have Parent/Guardian Signatures available on documents such as intake forms, ROI’s, Treatment Plans, etc..

Removed extra step to change location  - When clicking on your company logo to change facility locations, and then selecting the facility location you want to change to, there will no longer be a confirmation question sa king if you are sure. When you select the other facility location you will be taken to that location immediately.

Group Session print details - The individual note from a group session, when printed from a specific client chart, will show additional details of the group session including all group leaders and any billing codes you have assigned.


Custom Forms/Assessments Shared Across Facilities - Custom forms can now share layouts and data across facilities. Editing forms can now be done at one location and changes will be effective across all locations with that form. Custom forms of the same version and format will now autopopulate with previously entered data if a client is stepped up or down across facility locations.

When initially creating a custom form be sure to select other facility locations that will use the same version. 

All subsequent editing of that custom form, from any location will now prompt you to confirm changes to just this facility location form, or all facility location forms. 

Incident Reports update -  Incident reports have been reformatted with separation of critical or non-critical incidents, more free-write ability to describe the event. And print function directly from the incident list.

Stability and Performance - Improvements to autosave functions and overall system speed and performance have been happening to improve your Alleva experience! 


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