Alleva Release Notes – December 13, 2018

We are always improving Alleva. As such, we would like to share the following list of items which were released on December 13, 2018 at 1:30 AM PDT.


Please note! The system was down for 60 minutes at that time. 


Treatment Plan Review Date - You can now add a prospective date for the next next treatment plan review. This is found near the bottom of editing the Treatment Plan Review.


Move Prospect Across Facilities - For programs with multiple locations/facilities, you can now move a prospective client to a different facility or location as needed. To do so, go to Prospective Client List and click the last icon. 

A warning popup will appear. This lets you know that if you’ve built custom fields in one facility that do not appear in the new facility, that data will not transition over. However, we will capture a PDF of the original information for your record keeping.


Once you click transfer you will get one additional popup ensuring you want to migrate them to a new facility. Once completed, you are able to transfer them back again, but will not keep the historical custom record. 

Med Counts Update - The med count space now has improved functionality. If an initial medication count has not been added, you can now add it from the med count screen. The counts will apply across the system, including the initial count section of ‘Medication Scheduling’.


New filters are also provided for "Controlled" or "Mismatched" meds. This applies to all medications, scheduled and unscheduled.


LOC History - You can now easily view the LOC history from the client facesheet, on the lower half under section 'Current Overview'. Additionally, a "download history" option is available to quickly compile the client chart for the date range the client was at that particular level of care. It will also track Alumni that are re-admitted.


Optional Requirements Before Scheduling - You can adjust Settings-->Company Information-->Scheduling  to require completion of BPS, nursing intake, or Treatment Plan (or any combination of) before a client is allowed to be scheduled in calendar sessions. This may be particularly helpful for time management of new intakes.


**For questions, clarification, or further training, please contact