Alleva Release Notes – January 23, 2019

We are always improving Alleva. As such, we would like to share the following list of items which were released on January 23, 2019 at 1:30 AM PDT.


Please note! The system was down for 60 minutes at that time. 


BPS and Medical Intake Lock/Unlock - Upon signature and completing of certain intake forms (BPS, Medical Intake) The document will lock for compliance. If an edit needs to be made, it can be done by a rehab admin, or staff with the role permission assigned, by clicking the lock icon.


The document will require a new signature to show as completed again, but the original signature will remain. You will be prompted to acknowledge this to continue.

The original signature will be listed first, with any signature from updates shown beneath it in chronological order, as seen below.

Show More Diagnoses on Face Sheet -  We now show up to 5 diagnoses on face sheet, next to client demographics. Diagnoses with Primary designation are listed first, followed by the next most recently added.

Medication Count, Company Settings - You now have the option of selecting blind medication count (as the system has functioned previously) or not, which allows for the medication count to be shown as completed without match or mismatch. This feature is found in Settings-->Company Information-->Facility Settings


Blind meds count allows match/mismatch

And deselecting option allows for just a completed count without match/mismatch

Centrally Stored Meds and Destruction - From the centrally stored screen you can now view the history of the initial and refill medication counts. Destruction no longer requires an active system count, you can manually enter the amount being destroyed.

Meds Management - We’ve added a client search for administering PRN medications!

Protocol and Taper Template Updates - Added Repeat days functionality when creating protocols and taper templates

Forms 2.0 Print and Download - We recently released our new forms manager 2.0. This new forms manager allows for much more flexibility in creating unique forms. We now have the ability to print any of those new forms, created by Forms Manager 2.0.

Report Printing Blank Pages - We fixed an issue in launch reports and download history where at times blank pages would print out with the reports. This was caused by corrupt data in notes. This has now been resolved. When printing these reports, you will no longer see blank pages.

Password Reset Emails - We have resolved and implemented a fix for password set/reset emails that were not being sent. 

0 Minute Duration Group Times - We have implemented a fix for the 0 minute duration error that affected some groups and group attendees. This issue was primarily occurring when groups were being built in an unsupported browser, however in a few instances it occurred within Chrome as well.


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