Alleva Release Notes – February 7, 2019

We are always improving Alleva. As such, we would like to share the following list of items which were released on February 7, 2019 at 1:30 AM PDT.


Please note! The system was down for 60 minutes at that time. 


Alleva is now integrated with Dominion Diagnostics - Alleva is proud to announce it’s integration with Dominion Diagnostics, a next-generation laboratory offering results to support treatment decisions, enhance patient outcomes and ensure regulatory compliance. Providers using Dominion Diagnostics can now enter orders, adjust panels, enter requisitions, and view results all within Alleva! 

Keep Medication features on step to new facility - When stepping a client new new facility location you now have the ability to keep attributes of the client’s medications in place! On step 3 of the Step Up/Down process you can select any of the attributes that you want to carry over, such as scheduling, management, destruction records, and current med counts.

Back-Date Level of Care - You now have the ability to backdate level of care when doing a step up or down within the same location only. (This feature, for transfer to new facility, will be in future release) This will allow for a more congruent chart based on transfer LOC dates due to authorization changes.

Printing Multiple Documents Formatting - We fixed a print formatting issue when printing from clients’ Document Manager. Now when printing multiple documents from the the Document manager each form will begin on a new page. Documents will no longer run together when printing.

Text Changes in System - Several typos have been corrected, and language in areas has been improved, for more clear and intuitive direction in Alleva.


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