Whether you are stepping a client up or down in Level of Care (LOC), transferring a client to another of your Rehab Facility locations, or a combination of both at the same time, the following steps will help you navigate the Alleva System process.


From within a client's chart, click on the "Step Up/Down" button at the top of the chart

If you are only stepping LOC at same facility, it is just 3 easy steps, then proceed to Save and Sign.

If you are stepping to another Facility, there are a few more steps involved.

First, follow the same process of selecting the appropriate dropdown selections for Facility Location and Level of care, then click Next.

Fill out the Discharge Plan, including all required fields.


The client will now show as discharged, and the discharge date will be updated to when the process was completed.

You will need to switch facility locations to view the new chart 

The first time the client chart is clicked on in the new location, it will direct you to complete the admission Checklist/Consents that may be specific to that location.

From either of these step processes, the following will apply: The client chart will now reflect the updated LOC

And the LOC history will be displayed with the current level of care on top and descending in chronological order, in the Current Overview section, with ability to download all or parts of the chart from the time the client was in a particular level of care.