Alleva Release Notes – August 21, 2018

We are always improving Alleva. As such, we would like to share the following list of items which were released on August 21, 2018 at 1:30 AM PST.


Please note! The system was down for 60 minutes at that time.


MAR Update Part 1:  We’ve made these changes to better assist nursing staff and others with understanding the administration of medications for clients. This is the first of several updates coming out for the MAR. Additional updates will be made available on Monday.  The following updates have been made:

  • Show Dx on the MAR
  • Show dietary restrictions on the MAR 
  • Show Medical Provider: Name 
  • Grammatical cleanup
  • Ability to filter between month and week view 
  • On week view, should not show any D/C meds, unless they were given at some point during the week. 
  • Update print screen 

Medication Tab Cleanup:  In an effort to better streamline the medication functionality, we have adjusted how the Medication section works, to cut down on clicks in the system. The following updates to this section have been made:

  • Removed Client Medications
  • Renamed Meds Taper templates to Taper Templates  
  • Moved this section under Settings 
  • Kept access to this section for people who previously had it
  • Meds Management Section
    • Once a med has been given, it will be removed from the Meds Management section 
    • Meds that are coming due should be Yellow (within an hour +-) 
    • Refused meds should show as red 
    • Med Management Give Meds 
      • Renamed Dosage to Administered Dosage in dosage box 
      • Renamed Count to Administered Count in count box 
    • Defaulted to Taken 
    • Defaulted Administered Dosage to show max dosage 

These updates will help provide clarity to staff and ensure that fewer errors are made in the meds section.

Updated Insurance fields:  We’ve added several additional fields to the insurance section within the application. These fields will flow to the following areas:

  • Client Chart
  • UR Dashboard
  • Intakes (Common Section)
  • Reports 
  • Print Section 
  • Step down & Step down Report 

Avea Billing Integration:  We’ve released our second iteration of integration with Avea Billing Software. If you are an Avea client, we can now push your facilities and clients directly into the Avea system. We are also able to push treatment episodes and utilization plans. While this is now in production, we are doing one more round of testing in Live. Once completed we will reach out with Avea to setup clients with the bridge.

Intake Tracking Updates:  We’ve added several new selections and options in the following areas:

  • Medical Intake 
  • Nursing and Medical Assessment
  • Mental Status Exam and Mental Status Summary
  • H&P Physical Exam, Review of Symptoms
  • Nursing Intake Mobility Section Systems Review

Pain Assessment: We’ve added the ability to mark “denies” as an option

Discharge Update:  You now have the ability to update and add forms on clients that have been discharged. Prior to this release, once discharged, no forms could be updated or added. This allows you to sign and add additional forms to the document manager.

Note Template Update:  We’ve made two adjustments to the notes template section. When pulling up templates in notes we made two changes:

  • When clicking on Medical>Meds in the templates section it will now show the dosage
  • When clicking on Medical>Vitals in the templates section it should pull the latest vitals taken 

Audit Report Modification: We’ve made a few minor tweaks to this report:

  • Break out group sessions by topic
  • If the topic is the same for more than one session, it only needs to appear once with the total accumulated below 

Labs:  We’re excited to announce that have completed our first lab integrationClients will now be able to view and create order, send requisitions and receive results directly through the Alleva system. All results will flow directly into the Lab Orders section and will tie to the client chart as well. We will be posting a video on our support site this week demonstrating how this integration works. Currently we integrate with Precision Diagnostics. We have several labs in the pipeline as well (in order):

  • Clinical Pathology Laboratories
  • Alere Labs
  • Anchored Diagnostics
  • Westox Labs
  • Dominion Diagnostics

If you do not see your lab on this list, please reach out to us at support and we can look at setting up a bridge with your specific lab as well.