Changes to Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is now more functional and customizable than ever. The Discharge Planning tab is now divided into three sections to avoid confusion and help organize your process.


Discharge Planning

This is where you can still fill out the Discharge Plan at any time during treatment and you can come back here at any time to update it.  If you would like to ask any additional questions or include any other forms during this step, Custom Forms are now able to be added here.


Discharge Summary
This tab allows you to include a custom discharge summary and any other custom sections you would like to fill out during this phase.


Discharge Checklist

This final tab gives you a comprehensive space where you can include Custom Forms from Discharge Planning and Discharge Summary as well as any additional forms. Any forms that were filled out in either of the previous steps that are also included in the checklist will appear as completed here.  When you are ready to discharge a client, you can come to the Discharge Checklist to make sure all forms are filled out, complete any other information, and discharge the client.

Organizing your Custom Forms

You can still organize your custom discharge forms by going to the Discharge Checklist tab under Settings.  Here you can add your forms to one of the three different sections by selecting a section from the drop down menu and then choosing your forms.

Incident Reports Reviewers
Incident Reports now allow for the option add an assigned reviewer.  Like other notes and documents in the system, just click on the user’s name who should be added as a reviewer.


Launch Report Update

All signatures for documentation now appear on the Individual Client report in the Launch Report tab, making reports more efficient and up to date.


Facility Settings
In Company Information under Settings, Admins can now allow for staff members to be double booked on the calendar as well as determine the scenarios in which a client signature is required for medication management.

Medication Updates
You now have the ability to update protocols and tie them to clients for use. Also, tapers have the ability to do the following with tapers:

(1) Edit the time of an existing taper
(2) Edit the dosage on an existing taper
(3) Remove a date and times from a taper
(4) Repeat a taper day