To add a group UA/BA, from your Dashboard hover over the Alleva Shortcuts button in the bottom right hand corner.  And select "Master UA/BA". 

Your full client list will then appear, and you can check off any clients you want to perform a UA/BA on. 

From here you can select the different client tabs and fill out each individual UA or BA. It is identical the the other UA or BA template.  Simply select "Add Template" and fill out the applicable information.  

As you fill out the information it will save in the "Test" box.  You can toggle back and forth between the different client tabs and fill out each client's test results.

When you are finished with all of the clients you are taking UA/BA's for, you can "Save and Sign", and add any reviewers as well.

DO NOT SAVE AND SIGN UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED WITH ALL CLIENTS.  If you save and sign without filling in the testing for a client, it will show up blank in the chart.  You will then need to go into the clients chart to edit the UA/BA and add the appropriate information.