This Walkthrough will explain the Discharge Planning Sections.

Discharge Planning:


1. When in the Client Chart Select Client > Discharge Planning, this section will have three tabs with the Discharge/Transfer and Discharge Summary including the an Autosave feature.

  • Discharge/Transfer which is done at time of Admission and all required fields need to be input before discharge.

Note: Part of this section will be Pre-filled with the Snag/Snap Section from the BPS if the entire Intake has been completed.

  • Discharge Summary which is an optional Section including more information on the Clients Discharge, filled out at time of discharge.

  • Discharge Checklist will be the last item before discharging the Client and it will go through the checklist set up by the Company to completely discharge the Client. 

 Note: To Edit these Section and to save a Version the Edit Icon will need to be Selected and then any information can be filled out, in order for a Version to be show Edits will need to be made before Saving and Signing.

2. After completing a section and Selecting Save a Version will be saved and be found at the top of each Tab.


After Completing these steps and the Client is read to be discharged follow this Link to: Discharge Client.